Sedna is a 3 piece post black metal band from Cesena. The listener can find references from bands like Altar of Plagues or AmenRa. However, we and our own personalities are the main source of inspiration. As a result, the sound is particularly personal: our purpose is to make a sound that can be distinguished from any other band on the planet.

The band tries to create a sphere of deep hope with large atmospheric doom/sludge parts, mixed with deep black phrasing of extreme rage and introspective hate against us in first place…against everyone at last.

Sedna is the first full length of the band. It will be released on 20th October via Drown Within Records and Unquiet Records (POL).

Sedna is produced, recorded and mixed by M.Caggiano @ Soundscape Studio SSS (Forlì) and mastered by the mighty Colin Marston (Gorguts, Altar of plagues, Baring Teeth..) at  The Thousand Caves Studio (USA). Mike B. (Viscera///) and Stefania Pedretti (OvO, ?Alos) are exclusive special guests on this work. Cover and artwork by Simone Strige aka STRX.

promo pic 2013Sedna




Emrevoid is a 4 piece blackened death metal band from Cesena. They were born from the ashes of band called Thy Cold.

Emrevoid is composed of members of Lambs, Alien Syndrome 777, Blackdrone Inc. and an ex member of Dementia Senex.

Emrevoid sounds desperate, brutal and black-tinged influenced by dissonant death/grind and avantgarde metal.

Riverso EP is produced, recorded, mixed and mastered by M.Caggiano @ Soundscape Studio SSS (Forlì) and is released by Drown Within Records on 20st September.

Cover, artwork and logo by the gentleman/satanist/tattoo artist Matteo Al Denti (

Pre-order your digipack at and spread this new song as if there’s no tomorrow.

Il tuo disegno
Hic et nunc

Emrevoid fotoEmrevoid